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What is Divi WooCommerce Theme?

Divi eCommerce was created with online stores in mind. It has two alternative home pages, a shop, three product pages, an about page, a news page, and a contact page. It also has a custom WooCommerce sidebar to make your products stand out. The product pages are designed and have stacked tabs for descriptions and reviews.

Features of Divi WooCommerce Theme

  • Over 100 style controls and countless layout options 
  • 13 Divi components for customizing WooCommerce default pages 
  • Style the Shop, Cart, Account, and Checkout pages with drag & drop. 
  • Use the List, Total, and Notices modules to personalize the Cart page. 
  • Every page element can be repositioned in any order. 
  • The Divi builder can be used to edit WooCommerce. 
  • Modules for billing, coupons, orders, and shipping to improve the Checkout page 
  • Configure hover animations for product images and buttons. 
  • Custom text and style options for titles and text fields make forms stand out. 
  • Custom positioning and styling options allow you to list products on any page.

New Features of Divi

  • In Wireframe mode, a defect allowed the Add New button in the Layers panel to fail in some situations. 
  • The Layers panel has been updated to allow the addition of a Row/Module from an empty Section/Column. 
  • Fix vertical offset to show an absolute or relative position on mobile. 
  • Hide the Insert Shortcode button from the text module, which was added by the Visual Builder Shortcodes Ultimate plugin. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Open/Close All button in the Layers panel to fail to collapse all Layers in some situations. 
  • In some situations, the Layers panel permitted you to change a locked Layer. 
  • Fixed an issue where range values were rendered invalid CSS values in some locations. 
  • When the parallax section overflow is visible, the fixed border radius does not apply. 
  • On BFB, the RankMath content analyzer issue has been resolved. 
  • Language Switcher could not be loaded on a custom sidebar. 
  • The color of the Gallery Slider’s arrows has been changed. They now get their value from the DarkLight Text Color, which may be changed in Page Settings. 
  • The names of the CSS static cache files used on category pages now include the slug. 
  • The Woo Reviews module now displays disapproved reviews on the front end. 
  • Fixed a problem that caused Builder to display hover buttons while resizing the Layers panel. 
  • On the front, a span wrapper was added to the comma between Job and Company in the Testimonial Module. 
  • Corrected an error in the Column Layer’s right-clicks menu in the Layers panel. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Layers panel’s default placement and size calculation to fail. 
    • core/components/SupportCenter.php 
    • core/components/data/Utils.php 
    • core/functions.php 
    • includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php 
    • includes/builder/core.php 
    • includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js 
    • includes/builder/functions.php 
    • includes/builder/main-structure-elements.php 
    • includes/builder/module/Testimonial.php 
    • includes/builder/module/woocommerce/Reviews.php 
    • includes/builder/scripts/frontend/scripts.js


Why Should You Download Divi?

We have walked you through a few reasons you should download Divi.

  • Building with Drag and Drop: Add, delete, and rearrange items on the front end of your website. There are no coding and no perplexing back-end options. 
  • True Visual Editing: It lets you design your page in real-time and view the results immediately. Using simple visual tools, you can create and edit your pages. 
  • Custom CSS Control: Divi’s visual design controls can be simply combined with custom CSS by developers. Divi’s interface is straightforward yet not constricting. 
  • Responsive Editing: It is simple to create outstanding responsive websites. Divi is responsive by default, and you have complete control over how your website appears on mobile devices. 
  • Page Elements: Hundreds of distinct page elements and thousands of design options are available. Divi provides complete design control over your website. 
  • Inline Text Editing: Simply click and begin typing! It’s never been easier to make changes to your page. On the front end, you may create pages and see the results as you type. 
  • Save and Manage Your Designs: You can save and manage an unlimited number of custom designs. They can be easily re-used to jump-start new pages. Design innovative systems and improve your workflow. 
  • Global Elements and Styles: Use global elements and website-wide design settings to manage the design of your entire website. Divi is a website design framework, not just a page builder. 
  • Undo, Redo, and Revisions: Divi functions similarly to a modern software application. You can easily undo, redo, and go through your complete editing history. Divi will protect you if you make a mistake.

Divi Theme Review in 2022

Divi blends beautiful design with outstanding functionality to create a functional multipurpose WordPress theme. A large selection of page templates and an easy-to-use page builder will appeal to those looking for an out-of-the-box solution and those looking to develop custom designs without coding.

Can Divi be used with Elementor?

Yes, because both Divi and Elementor are available as WordPress page builders, you may use them together. Two or more page builders can be active on your website simultaneously.

What is Divi Cracked?

The Divi Builder cracked Library will permanently alter the way you construct websites. An infinite amount of custom builder pieces and pre-made layouts can be stored in the library. Once saved to the Divi Library, these things can be easily added to new pages. The Divi Nulled Library becomes its own templating system when paired with Divi’s sophisticated design settings and custom CSS.

What is Divi Nulled?

Divi Shop Builder for WooCommerce Nulled is the ideal WordPress plugin. It adds stylistic control to the Divi Page Builder for the Cart, WooCommerce Shop, Account, and Checkout pages. Without coding or design skills, you can establish a professional-looking online shop in minutes with Divi Shop Builder Nulled. Furthermore, this simple-to-use plugin simplifies shop management.

Expert Recommendation: Should I Download Divi Nulled?

To recap, it is possible to obtain Divi illegally for free, which we strongly warn against. Both because you could end up in legal jeopardy if you obtain a virus or malware. Instead, you should try Divi for free with our Divi-trial approach. When you download a free Divi theme, you do not have the option of receiving program updates in the same manner that program buyers do.

Divi is a great WooCommerce theme. As business owners, we understand the importance of running an online store and dealing with cart abandonment. Downloading a Divi nulled software is a big NO from our end. You should invest in downloading the theme the right way rather than call for unnecessary trouble. Similarly, it is essential for WooCommerce users to have a plugin that helps them deal with cart abandonment. 

Do we have something for you today? Yes, we do. 

Enter – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin – Cartbox

Download Cartbox Today!

Data suggests that 70% of people who abandon shopping carts have decided not to buy. So, 70% of people who visit your site won’t buy anything. However, it also means that around 30% of people who tried to buy something on your site got distracted and forgot to finish the order.

The Cartbox WooCommerce cart Abandoned recovery plugin will send these users a WhatsApp message to remind them to come back to your store and pay for the order. This plugin can increase your sales considerably and help you convert customers who were about to pay but didn’t because their payment card wasn’t handy, the internet was down, or someone knocked on the door.


  • Admin order notification
  • Customer order notification
  • WhatsApp chat button
  • Automated messaging

If you are tired of losing revenue because of cart abandonment, Cartbox is a must-have plugin for your business. Our customers have seen a massive spike in revenue after using the Cartbox plugin, and we constantly work to improve your experience through regular updates. So, don’t wait – download the plugin today!

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