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Whatsapp Click To Chat Plugin For Wordpress

Want to begin chatting with your customer? All you need is our Click to Chat widget and let the magic unfold. Click to Chat allows you to chat with your customers and make them feel valued as a customer. Our plugin plays a pivotal role in improving customer support and enhancing overall customer experience.

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Account Settings

You can customise your account settings at any point of time. Here is what you can do with the account settings:

  • You can add up to 3 accounts
  • You can enable and disable accounts anytime you want
  • You can add a customised account avatar. However, this is optional. In case you don’t have anything to upload, we display our default avatar instead.

Appearance Settings

You can set the appearance settings of the widget at any point of time. Here is what you can do with the appearance settings:

  • Select one layout
  • Customise widget text
  • Customise widget tooltip text
  • Set widget position
  • Set widget icon type
  • Upload customised icon

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