How many websites can I install the plugin by buying a plugin from AppSumo?

If you have purchased a single license of the plugin from AppSumo, you can install the plugin on 5 different websites. If you buy 2 licenses, you can install the plugin on 10 websites. If you buy 3 licenses, you can install them on 15 websites.

Please note that there is no additional discount available.

If you are an agency, you should checkout our website https://www.cartbox.net for Whitelabel version of plan.

Where can I download the plugin?
Once you purchase the plugin, you have to activate the plugin using the link: https://www.cartbox.net/appsumo. Once activated, you should download the plugin from the link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cartbox-messaging-widgets/.
How to set up WhatsApp Cloud API?
Who gives 1000 free messages?
Facebook provides free 1000 messages every month. Beyond that, you need to pay to Facebook directly. Cartbox does not charge anything for messages with this plugin.
How to send a message from my own WhatsApp mobile number?
Sending automated WhatsApp messages to your customer from the WooCommerce plugin is now easy with Cartbox Platform.WhatsApp Official API: You can send messages via WhatsApp official API as well. The benefit of official API is that you can get a green tick mark and can send up to 100,000 messages per day. You can check FAQ-3 above for more details.
What do I get by installing this plugin?
Cartbox - WordPress plugin is a multi-widget plugin. It means that it has multiple functionalities in a single plugin and each functionality can be enabled or disabled as per your business needs. With this plugin you get:
  • WhatsApp Abandoned cart recovery widget
  • WhatsApp order notification to customer and website owner
  • WhatsApp Contact-Form 7 integration

So, this single plugin can take care of your customer communication needs over WhatsApp.

How to install and get started with this plugin?
Installation is extremely simple and we have created comprehensive documentation in our tutorial sections to help you out. After purchase, you simply have to install the WordPress / WooCommerce plugin and follow the instructions on the setup process of the plugin.
Can I view abandoned carts in WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin?
Yes, you can get complete details of the abandoned cart customers, and then you can reach out to them manually also if you want.
Is my data secure by using this plugin?
Yes, your data is 100% secure as we do not save any data on the external system. We simply use an external system for sending messages to WhatsApp. There are 100s of SMS plugin on CodeCanyon that uses an external provider like Twilio for sending messages. Similarly, we also use our automation tool to send WhatsApp messages on your behalf.
Is this a self-hosted WordPress plugin?
This is a completely self-hosted WordPress plugin. It means that all the WhatsApp messages directly go from your website to the WhatsApp server. It does not have any connectivity with our server.
Can I edit the WhatsApp messages to be sent in case of Abandoning of the Cart?
Yes. Our plugin supports the editing of WhatsApp messages. You need to first create a new WhatsApp template and get it approved. Once approved, you can use the new template on the plugin.
What is the relationship between Cartbox and Whatso?
Whatso is our web-based WhatsApp marketing software while Cartbox is our WordPress plugin. Earlier our WordPress plugin was also called Whatso and so we gave it a separate name "Cartbox" to avoid any confusion.