Top 5 Abandoned Cart SMS Template: Hard to Resist & Get Over!

Statistics show that nearly 70% of online shoppers never complete a purchase. That means seven out of every ten consumers who put an item in their shopping cart won’t complete the purchase. 

Fortunately, this is not the end of the world—or your business. An effective cart email campaign can bring back a significant percentage of cart abandoners (10% or more) with little effort on your part beyond the first implementation. 

Perhaps it seems too good to be true, but it is in fact accurate. 

But why exactly is it that an email approach for a shopping cart is so unique? Let’s look at the data: Abandoned cart emails have an open rate of about 45%, although the average email open rate is only 15%. There would be three times as many. 

We’ll go through the fundamentals of cart abandonment emails, provide some excellent case studies, and discuss how you can develop your own cart email strategy in this post.

Abandoned Cart SMS: The Art of Consent 

Always remember that people need to provide their express consent to receive promotional text messages. It’s asking for (legal) difficulties to send even benign abandoned cart SMS notifications without consent. Putting the introductions aside, there are standard operating procedures for crafting an SMS cart recovery message. 

Typically, the contents of such an SMS would be:

  • The Name of the Brand 

It’s still courteous to introduce yourself, even if you believe the sender’s identity to be obvious. One easy way to let a receiver know who they’re talking to in an SMS is to include your company’s name at the beginning (or the end).

  • The Name of Your Customer  

While a name isn’t required, we’ve already discussed how better results can be achieved by tailoring marketing messaging rather to broadcasting mass advertisements. The quickest approach to make communication more relevant is to include the recipient’s name in the text.

  • A Small Discount Code?

It’s an excellent idea, if applicable, to include a little discount coupon in an SMS message sent to customers whose shopping carts were abandoned. You may increase your business’s foot traffic by offering discounts, no matter how small.

  • The Call to Action

Everyone who has worked in marketing for any length of time understands that calls to action are crucial. Mobile text messages are the same. You should never send an SMS without one.

  • Link Your Website 

Providing a clickable link to your online store is just good consumer service. If you want people to spend as little time as possible getting back to your site, a URL is your best bet. Don’t forget to add the promo code to the URL if you have one!

  • Allow them to Unsubscribe 

Including an unsubscribe link in every email you send is needless. However, it is essential that it be addressed in the introduction. It’s a good idea to incorporate this into your existing SMS workflow, such as abandoned cart SMS. 

When coming up with your own special abandoned cart SMS, make sure to take into account all of the following. Minor tweaks may be necessary, but if you stay true to the strategy, your SMS will do quite well.

On that note, let’s jump into the top 5 templates, shall we?

5 Abandoned Cart Templates: You Don’t Wanna Miss This!

We opted to collect a handful of instances of abandoned cart notifications in case you needed some more guidance. If you don’t feel like coming up with an entirely new SMS message, feel free to borrow and modify the ones provided below.

  • Case 1

It looks like you left something behind. We haven’t processed payment for your order yet. Get 20% off your entire purchase using the code [name of discount code]. To cancel this abandoned cart reminder, text STOP to [link].

  • Case 2

To anyone it may concern, I present [name of company]. We see that you haven’t completed the contents of your cart. Put your trust in us, and save [%] off your order by entering the code [name here]. [URL].

  • Case 3

You, [Name], are going to become the proud owner of some really cool [brand name] stuff. A few more clicks are all that’s left. Browse this [URL] to purchase the goods you need.

  • Case 4

Perhaps you’re missing out on something, [name]. There are still some products in your cart that you forgot to check out. It’s time to buy those cool goods! If you’re ready to complete your purchase, click the link above [URL]. Product Name]

  • Case 5

Title of Company: Hey there, [name], we saw you leave some stuff behind. To receive [%] of your order, enter the code [code] at checkout. [URL].


Online retailers and marketers have always struggled with the problem of cart abandonment. Unfortunately, most alternative channels are slow, which slows down response times. Thankfully, text texts have come to the rescue. 

The implementation of automatically triggered SMS cart recovery messages is highly recommended. If you follow the preceding instructions and examples, setting them up will just take a few minutes. The time has come to retrieve the carts. 

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