How Effective Are Abandoned Cart WhatsApp Message?

Did you realize you may instantly contact clients who have abandoned their carts? Learn how to catch your sales before they vanish forever. The top seven reasons why shoppers quit their shopping carts, according to e-commerce experts, are as follows:

  1. High shipping costs or extra check-out fees.
  2. There is no guest registration/checkout option.
  3. The checkout procedure is lengthy and perplexing.
  4. Errors and crashes on the website.
  5. Concerns about payment security.
  6. Being unable to make a purchase.
  7. Would you want to save products for further consideration?

However, as a business, the anguish of having a consumer so near to the checkout only to back out at the last second is real. The financial burden is likewise substantial. Cart abandonment costs online retailers a stunning $18 billion in lost revenue. While the preceding arguments provide clarity, they do not tell you how to get to the bottom of the problem.

You can only do so much about delivery prices and website issues. However, when it comes to guiding customers toward making a purchase decision, we have some excellent messaging advice.

The Fundamentals of Abandoned Cart WhatsApp Message

There are various elements to consider, as with any other WhatsApp Message approach. Unlike emails and other marketing mediums, you do not have as much freedom to write as you would like. WhatsApp messages are concise and brief, as customers want them to be.

Furthermore, your copy appears in all WhatsApp abandoned cart recovery messages. Because you can not add any flashy visuals or formatting, everything is dependent on the text itself. Your material is much more crucial with triggered messages because you will be sending them out frequently and will have no control over receiving them.

Finally, always remember that users must opt-in to receive marketing WhatsApp messages. Consent is typically obtained by peppering the web with promos that require opting into marketing messages. Even sending harmless abandoned cart SMS messages without approval invites (legal) difficulties.

Aside from that, writing a WhatsApp cart recovery message follows a set of norms and guidelines. Typically, such a WhatsApp message would include:

  1. The brand’s name: Even if you believe the organization sending the message is evident. It would be best if you always introduce yourself. Including your brand’s name at the beginning (or conclusion) of a WhatsApp message ensures that your customer understands who they are dealing with right away.
  2. Name of the shopper: While including a name is not required, we have previously stated that personalizing marketing communications will likely produce more remarkable results than blasting generic advertisements. The most straightforward approach to customizing a message is to include someone’s name in the text.
  3. Coupon code: Sending a tiny discount code with an abandoned cart text message is perhaps a good idea if applicable. If your customer may receive a slight discount, you will undoubtedly gain more attention.
  4. CTA: Everyone who has worked in marketing for a while understands that call-to-actions are essential. Message communications are no exception. Remember to include one in every WhatsApp message.
  5. URL: Simply including a link to your eCommerce website improves the user experience. You want to cut the time it takes to return to your website as much as possible, and there is no better way to do so than with a URL. If you can add the discount code to the URL, please do so!
  6. Opt-out: It is not required to include an opt-out option in every correspondence. It must, however, be included somewhere, preferably in the welcome greeting. It is good to incorporate it into another triggered WhatsApp message (abandoned cart text messages are one option).

WhatsApp Messages Can Help You Recover Abandoned Carts

Are you bored with changing the subject line of your abandoned cart emails in the hopes of sending a minor improvement in performance? Do not get us wrong: email marketing is fantastic. But now and then, you need a new arrow in your quiver.

Message alerts about abandoned carts are an excellent approach to urge clients to complete their orders. They are not only unobtrusive, but they are significantly less likely to be lost or disregarded in a busy inbox as abandoned cart emails are.

WhatsApp reminders are standard in many businesses, but e-commerce is where they shine. Texts can help your abandoned cart recovery plan in a variety of ways. You can try out the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Free Demo

Send Pleasant Reminders

Carts may be abandoned because your customers just forgot about them. All they need in this scenario is a polite reminder to return to your site. WhatsApp texts can be used to send these reminders. If you include a link to your checkout page, you can track follow-up and tier your responses based on who did or did not take action!

Distribute coupons or discount codes to customers

While you may not be able to determine why a consumer abandoned their cart, approaching the circumstance with a benefit is a safe way to serve the scenario. Offering coupons or free shipping can reduce costs, relieve tension, and generate a sense of urgency for an undecided buyer! It will also improve your conversion rates significantly.

Inquire if they have any questions

A customer may adore a product, but unanswered questions may persuade them to reconsider purchasing. Inaction is often the result of questions. Help your consumers by proactively asking them if you can answer any queries about the things in their cart.

In addition to these tactics, keep the following abandoned cart best practices in mind when crafting your WhatsApp Message:

  1. Have a distinct call to action (CTA)– The heart of your message should always direct clients to take a specific action (click this, call this, reply to this, etc.).
  2. Encourage scarcity– Customers abandoning carts indicate that they are comfortable with the possibility of an item disappearing from them. You want to ensure that customers experience some of that pressure by informing them that the thing will not endure forever. Approach your customer with an urgency to act. 
  3. Maintain simplicity– This is not the time to promote your other sales objectives in your abandoned basket text message. You want to keep your consumers’ attention on one thing: the abandoned cart.

Recovering abandoned carts has long been a problem for eCommerce companies and marketers alike. Unfortunately, most alternative channels are slow, resulting in slower reaction times. WhatsApp messages, thankfully, are here to save the day.

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