How to Setup Cartbox Abandoned Cart WhatsApp Campaign in your WooCommerce Store?

How To Download & Install The Abandoned Cart Plugin On Your Woocommerce Website?

There are a lot of people who shop online and leave their carts empty before they make a purchase. This means that you are losing about two-thirds of your future revenue. As long as the Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins for WooCommerce WhatsApp messages and SMS are used, you don’t have to worry. They can help you get back your lost sales. 

If you’re looking for an Abandoned Cart Plugin that sends WhatsApp messages to your customers when they leave their cart, click here. 

However, there are a lot of things that people might want to know. You can get this plugin from our website and start wooing your customers right away. Cartbox is a single software that has the best WhatsApp Automation, SMS Marketing, and reporting tools. 

Abandoned Cart is a plugin that you can download from the Cartbox website. You can then install this plugin on your WordPress site, and then click the “activate” button. 

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How to Send Abandoned Cart Messages?

If you’re looking for an Abandoned Cart Plugin that sends WhatsApp messages to your customers when they leave their cart, click here. This blog has shown you how to send Abandoned Cart Messages that are personalized.

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How to Setup Abandoned Cart Widget?

This post talks about how to set up the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Widget. It also talks about enabling the widget, and how to get back Abandoned Cart orders. Setting up accounts has never been so simple! Step by step, follow these steps to get your team ready to go.

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Q1 What is WooCommerce Abandoned Cart?

Answer: When a customer leaves a cart on WooCommerce, how does it work? Automated and timely SMSes can be sent to customers who have put your products in their cart but don’t buy them. let’s try out the free WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin Demo.

Q2 What is WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery?

Answer: WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery has everything you need to get your abandoned carts back. This is a list of unique links to check out. Every time someone buys something, you send them a unique link that takes them right to where they left off.

Q3 What is Cart Recovery?

Answer: If a customer adds something to their cart and then leaves without paying for it, you can send them a reminder with abandoned cart recovery. You get an SMS 24 hours after a customer abandons their cart or checkout. This way, you can keep in touch with them while your store is still in their minds.

Q4 What are WooCommerce extensions?

Answer: Extensions for WooCommerce are like plugins for WordPress. They add extra features to your store. Add memberships or subscriptions, for example. They might also use postal service APIs to track shipping or let you buy through new payment gateways.

Q5 Where does WooCommerce store cart data?

Answer: WooCommerce stores its data in a mix of both WordPress database tables and its own custom tables in the database. However, WooCommerce doesn’t have a separate table for customer data. Some of the customer data is stored in different database tables, which can make it hard to get this data back at times.

Get a Solution to Cart Abandonment Today! 

You are not alone if shopping cart abandonment is one of your major issues. Don’t believe there’s nothing you can do about it. You may help browsers become clients by employing clever methods. There are numerous approaches to dealing with this problem. Whatever path you decide to take, Cartbox abandoned cart recovery plugin can assist you. 

According to research undertaken by a renowned firm, 70% of customers who abandon their shopping baskets do so because they have decided not to buy. As a result, 70% of your website visitors are unlikely to complete a purchase. However, it also means that roughly 30% of visitors got sidetracked during a purchase and didn’t finish the transaction on your website.

Cartbox WooCommerce cart Abandoned recovery plugin will send a WhatsApp message to these users reminding them to return to your store and complete the order payment. This plugin can significantly increase your revenue and assist you in converting those clients who were on the point of making a purchase but were diverted due to factors such as a lost payment card, a downed internet connection, or a knock at the door.

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