The Top 3 Abandoned Cart Recovery Solutions: Actionable Tips

We were surprised to hear that seven out of ten consumers who start a shopping cart on your website never finish it. Earning only 30% of all interested buyers isn’t a winning proposition.

Cart abandonment is far more often than we’d want in every industry, and the consequences can be disastrous if not addressed. In short, it’s challenging to convert clients and inspire online purchases (especially first-time transactions).

It’s also difficult to sort through the numerous emails that your contacts receive daily (269 billion emails are sent every day). It isn’t just a doom and gloom story, in any case. We’ll show you how to use the correct approaches, incentives, and 1:1 content to break through the clutter and convert this part of your audience.

This article discusses three practical strategies that shops can use to tackle this significant issue and ensure that it does not persist for long at the theory price.

Why do customers abandon their shopping carts?

Every eCommerce store is different, but the following are some typical concerns that lead to cart abandonment on numerous sites:

Lack of trust: Some web users are hesitant to provide credit card information online. Improve conversions by using social proof and developing a solid brand to increase confidence on the checkout page and throughout the site. A substantial return policy can also help customers feel more at ease.

High delivery costs: Customers frequently abandon shopping carts after learning how much their product will cost with shipping. Offer free shipping promotions to avoid this.

Complexity: Online buyers have a short attention span, and if the checkout process is too complicated or time-consuming, they will abandon it. Make the checkout procedure as painless and straightforward as possible to avoid this.

Browsing: Many people add goods to their cart but don’t complete their purchase browse. Offer limited-time promotions and create a sense of urgency to encourage these users to buy right away.

Payment alternatives are limited: Customers frequently have solid preferences for paying and will only finish a purchase if their preferred method is available. Reduce this issue by providing your target audience with the most popular payment methods, including Amex, Razorpay, and PayPal.

Price is too expensive: Online shoppers frequently compare prices to obtain the best options. Customers will be less likely to abandon the ship if you give special discounts and coupon codes. It will protect them from being scared off by excessive pricing and hunting for better offers elsewhere.

3 Actionable tips to reduce abandoned carts

WooCommerce Abandoned cart campaigns can be updated and iterated simply because they can be automated. They also come in various tastes that can be tailored to your customer’s journey. Let’s take a look at three of them.

Fast Abandoned Cart

After visiting your website and adding products to the cart but not making a purchase, send a quick follow-up message. Sending a WhatsApp message or an SMS immediately afterward to remind shoppers of what they left behind is a good tactic. You can also generate a sense of urgency to motivate others to take action.

Abandoned Browse

Consider abandoned explore messages as preemptive strikes against browsers that show interest in certain things but never buy them or add them to their shopping cart. Exit-intent popups are an excellent strategy to employ right now.

Top selling product

You are following up on a visit to your website where you looked for top-selling items but didn’t buy anything or put anything in the cart. You may generate a sense of urgency by displaying how quickly this item is selling and using social proof to demonstrate how many people have purchased it in the last week.

A Solution to recover your abandoned carts today!

According to studies conducted by a leading organization, 70 percent of customers who quit their cart do so because they have decided not to purchase. As a result, 70% of your users are unlikely to buy on your website. However, it also means that approximately 30% of visitors became sidetracked when making a transaction and neglected to complete the order on your website.

Cartbox WooCommerce cart Abandoned recovery plugin will send WhatsApp message reminders to these users so that they can visit back your store and then complete the payment for the order. This plugin can massively improve your revenue and help you convert those customers who were just on the verge of making a payment but got diverted because of reasons such as payment card not being handy, the internet being down, or someone knocking on the door. So why wait? Try it today.

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